Body Beast Bulk Phase Review – What’s Next From The Beast?

I just completed the second phase or block (Bulk) of the Body Beast program yesterday and wanted to give you my take on not only this phase but the program as a whole so far as well.   For those of you that don’t know, Body Beast is a fairly new program from Beachbody, and is for one thing and one thing only…adding muscle.

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The Bulk Phase or Bulk Block as it is officially called in 5 weeks long and comprised of different workouts than the first phase.  These workouts are short.  Several are around 30 minutes, but don’t let the short duration fool you.  You get a ton accomplished in that half hour or so.

New Workouts/New Moves

Most of the new workouts are one specifc body part per day this time around. There is a Chest Day, Legs Day, Arms Day, Back day, Shoulder Day and you still through the Cardio/Abs in there if you are doing the Lean Beast Schedule (which I am).  I loved the variety of the workouts.  Sagi introduces new moves, new drop sets, and new progressive sets, etc that will absolutely light you up!  The Bulk Legs workout is one of hardest workouts I have ever done.  It never got any easier. I actually get nauseous just bout every time do it and I always got incredibly sore afterwards.  It is brutal.

Once again, things move very fast in this phase as well.  It seems to be a very rapid pace for weightlifting compared to what many people are used to.  A couple team members of mine have been taking the workout to the local gym and are getting more accomplished in 30 minutes than most do in 2 hours.  There is no playing around, wasting time, etc with this program.  It’s all business.  The downside to that is that if you are not at the gym, you have to get creative with changing weights, changing the selectechs, or having the appropriate dumbbells handy to move fast from set to set.  You will get better at this and get into a better rhythm each and every workout, but it is tough to keep up sometimes.

Also, they have just released a web based app to be used at the gym, but I haven’t experimented to much with it yet.  It’s available only with a program purchase and not in the app store.

The Bulk Block Diet

The Diet basically stays the same from the Build Phase to the Bulk Phase.  Depending on how much weight you are gaining and fat you are adding, you may want to check your daily intakes and recalculate accordingly, but still follow the same macro plan  and calculations as you did originally in the Build Block.

Body Beast Caloric Calculations
Step 1 – [(100- Body Fat Percentage (BF)]/100 x Weight = Lean Body Mass (LBM)
Step 2 – LBM x 10 = Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Step 3 – RMR x .3 =  Caloric Modification for Recovery (CMR)
Step 4 – RMR + CMR = Resting Metabolic Rate Modified for Recovery (RMR2)
Step 5 – RMR2 + 600 = Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM) 
Body Beast Calorie Calculations BUILD / BULK Phases:
if BF < 20%: CIM + 20% of CIM = Calories
If BF is Between 10% and 20%: CIM + 15% of CIM = Calories
if BF > 20%: CIM + 10% of CIM = Calories
Macro nutrients For Both Blocks  25% Protein  50% Carbs  25% Fat

My Results So Far

I have gained about 15lbs believe it or not.  You see all the testimonials and you think that it won’t work for you, you doubt it, etc and then the next thing you know you have gained 14.8 lbs in 2 months! I have added some fat which is normal, but it won’t be there long.  My strength gains have been insane and I am going to have to start shopping for some new clothes soon lol.  My weight has went from 164 to 178 and 8 of those pounds have been gained in this phase alone.  I have gained  1.5 inches on each arm, 2 inches on each leg, and 3.5 inches on my chest.  I have also added 1.5 inches to the waistline as well and that’s brought my body fat % to around 15 right now.

Like I said earlier, the strength gains have been unbelievable.  I can’t ever remember being this strong especially when it comes to anything that has to do with legs, so it’s really exciting to be getting these types of gains!  Being a father, it’s a great…just tossing the kids on and out of the car, throwing them to the top of the bunk beds, etc.  It’s great because I remember a time, way back before P90X, when I was so out of shape and had such back pain, things like that weren’t always possible.  That’s why these programs are so near and dear to me…they will improve your quality of life,  but you still have to do the work.

Of course, on the other hand…my cardio is in the trash can right now! Well, not really…but from a runner’s standpoint it sort  of is.  Adding 15lbs fairly quickly and doing a very limited amount of cardio over the last 2 months is the price you pay with the Beast, but it’s only temporary.  I plan introducing a little more cardio pretty soon while continuing to lift heavy as well so ‘m not sweating it…yet.

Next Up: Time to Lose Some Fat

The Beast Phase…time to cut!  A decrease in calories and a decrease in carbs and it’s time to shed some of that fat that I picked up over the last 2 months.  Check back here in the next couple weeks for a full review and to see what I though about the program as a whole.  Want to join me with the Beast?  Just click the link below and pick it up and then contact me and let me know you are starting so we can connect!

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