Ninja Professional Blender Review

I can’t tell you how long I have been wating to work in a graphic of Storm Shadow (my favorite ninja) into a blog post and it finally happened, :) lol.  But seriously, this review is not about GI Joe’s, but all about another ninja…the Ninja Professional Blender.

I don’t even know just how many blenders we have been through over the past couple of years.  We make a lot of smoothies, protein shakes, and my wife and I drink Shakeology every single day and often use a blender if time allows.  We have blenders that have motors that have failed, blenders that have started leaking, blenders that the glass pitcher has been dropped and shattered, and I am sure there were a couple of other issues with our old blenders as well, I am sure you can relate, right?

The common denominator was that they were all fairly cheap blenders.  I am not sure I ever paid over 20 or 30 bucks for any of them…and to paraphrase Judge Judy, “the cheap turns out expensive!”

After our most recent Black and Decker blender started failing, I decided it was time to finally get one that would last…after all, 2 of my  6 meals a day are liquid based (Shakeology, Results and Recovery, and/or Isopure Protein), so it would defintely be a good investment.  The one we came home with?…The Ninja Professional Blender.

Ninja Blender

The Pros of The Ninja:

  • Power:  To say this thing is powerful is an understatement.  At 1000 watts, this thing blends anything and everything in its path in practically no time.  You can defintely tell you are using something with some serious power by the sound of the engine (not overly loud, just powerful). The Ninja has drastically cut down my blending time to at least 50 percent if not better. Ice, fruit, veggies, protein powders…not a problem.  Everything blends smoothly and quickly.  I was actually surprised by just how fast.  No more gently shaking the blender in between blends to get all the clumpy stuff down to to the bottom, it blends everything, no matter the consistency, evenly and quickly.
  • Size:  The pitcher can hold up to 72 ounces so it is perfect for jobs both big and small.
  • Easy To Clean:  The biggest issue I have with most blenders is the clean up!  Not with the Ninja.  Clean up is quick and easy.  There is no leaking, the blade insert is removable, and the plastic pitcher is much lighter and easier to deal with than a glass one imo.  The comapny states it is dishwasher safe, but I always wash by hand so I haven’t tested that out yet.  Overall, it’s very easy and hassle free to clean and not a problem….and I really HATE cleaning up blenders!, so this is abig plus for me.
  • Safety Lock:  The lid handle doubles as a safety lock which is a great idea because the blender will NOT run unless the safety is locked down.  This prevents the all too common incident of turning on the blender without the lid secured and resulting in everyone getting drenched.  Don’t laugh, I have done it.  Blender messes make you want to throw them through the window!  It will not happen with Ninja because the Ninja will not let it happen because of this feature.  I like that!
  • Pouring Spout/Lid:  The high quality of this blender really shines through with the lid and spout apparatus.  The lid locks down air tight with the safety device and the spout pours really smooth with zero mess and zero drip after the work has been done.  I really like this feature because it even further cuts down on the clean up.
  • Plastic Pitcher:  I prefer this hard thick durable plastic BPA free constructed pitcher over some of the glass ones out there.  This one most likely can take a drop or two and be fine.  The glass ones shatter and especially on kitchen tile (trust me I know).
  • The Vertical Multiple Blade System:  The multiple blades are razor sharp and this is where the Ninja gets it’s name.  The Blades are removable for easy clean up, but extremely sharp so be careful.  The Blades are also at different levels, so like I stated before, provides for a more even blend no matter the volume.
  • The Name:  I mean, The Ninja…c’mon, you can’t beat that!

The Cons Of The Ninja:

  • Size:  What is a pro because of it’s size and volume capacity can also be a con for some.  The reason for this is because it’s sort of tall.  It is roughly about 17 inches tall and that is with the handle in the “locked” down position.  It defititely stands out to a degree because it will most likely be taller than anything else on your counter.  I am okay with that, but some may not be.
  • Noise:  All blenders are loud, so this isn’t really any fault of the Ninja per se, but for someone that may have little kiddos that still do nap time, the Ninja may result in early wake up times.  When someone can invent a sound and noise free blender…they will be RICH!
  • Price:  Roughly 100 bucks is a lot to pay for a blender (the basic blender only version), especially if it is an occasional use only appliance.  It works well for me becuase of the how ofen we use it (daily), but if it was only a “every once in a while” type of thing, I might still be okay with taking my chances with some of the cheaper ones again…maybe.

Final Thoughts On The Ninja:

  • I really like it!  It is not a $500 Vitamix, but it may be the next best thing out there and according to some consumer reports  I’ve read, it is the best buy for your money.  So if you are looking for an upgrade in your home blender or simply searching for your first one, I highly recommend the Ninja and am personally very happy with it so far.  You can read other reviews on it here at Amazon.


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  1. A good blender is important, and I’ve spent too much over the years in blenders. I just purchased a new one too because I was tired of that leaky blender. I could totally relate to this post :)

  2. Awesome review Jared! As ironic as it may sound I am too lazy to use a blender most of the time haha. This one looks intense though and seems to really get the job done!

    • Thanks Brett, I used to be the same way. Partly because the clean up used to be such a pain, the Ninja makes it easy. I use my fair share of shaker cups though too!

  3. Great review. Most of the so-called high power blenders are so expensive. I think $500 for a Vitamix is insane. I like that this one is reasonably priced. When my current blender dies, I may have to call on the Ninja for some help.

  4. No recomend

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