Restarting P90X? Don’t Until You Read This First!

Are you restarting P90X, Insanity, or some other fitness program?  Did you start P90x with every intention of getting Captureresincredible results and then…something happened.  Look, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have quit P90x or some other program at some point.

We get injured, people get sick, life happens…the real thing to be ashamed of is giving up for good.  The truth is, that many people (including myself before) who start P90X or Insanity end up not seeing it all the way through.  The fact that you are making a decision to get up and moving again is what really matters and is going to impact your health for the better.  That makes you a winner in my book anyway. ‘;)

“So Congrats, ready to jump back in with Tony and the kids are you?”  Not so fast! Right before you start Fifer Scissoring again, look over these tips that have really helped me, not only hit the restart button, but have helped me actually complete my program(s) the second time around.

1. Truly Examine Why You Quit The First Time – Was It Really Worth It Or Not?

Like I said before, we’ve all quit before…but when restarting your program, it’s crucial to look at what didn’t go right the first time around in order to avoid the same pitfalls this time around.  Sometimes, legitimate reasons interrupt us from completing our program, but more often than not, we allow the smallest of things to give us what we would consider a “good excuse” to put those DVD’s back in the closet.

What you must decide is, “Was the reason that you quit the first time really worth it or not?” Looking back, was it worth you not getting the results that you wanted at the end of those 90 days?  Whatever stopped you, whatever held you back…was it worth it?  Was it a good legitimate reason?  The odds are, whatever happened during the first go will creep it’s ugly head up in your life the second time around as well. How will you deal with it this time?

Obviously, there are very very good reasons for putting your program on hold.  Death, sickness (to a degree), injury (to a degree) and other life altering events would be considered acceptable reasons to temporarily “hit the pause button” on your program so to speak, but was the reason that you quit something that you could have worked through?  Be honest with yourself so that you will be ready this time.

2. Connect With Others For Accountabilty/Motivation/Support

The fact that no one in your family, neighborhood, or even job wants to go along for the ride with you in this journey is NOT an excuse to not have the support you should and really deserve.  Sign up for a Free Team Beachbody Account Here and you will find a wealth of online resources, message boards, challenge groups, and caring people to go with you every step of the way.  In addition, I can add you to our private Team D2F Facebook Page where you can connect with myself and other team members each and every day for tips, support, and accountability.

I can’t tell you how special it is and how important it is to connect with others who have the same interest and goals that you do.  You have a big journey ahead, you don’t have to go alone.

3.  Dial In Your Diet

Don’t sabotage yourself with a poor diet.  Don’t brush this off as being an inferior aspect of your program…it’s not.  This is more important.  You can’t out workout a bad diet.  Educate yourself on how to eat to reach your goals.  I know it seems intimidating, but it’s not really not all that hard and will make a world of difference in your results, trust me.  Tools like myfitnesspal (free site plus app) and Shakeology (which has a 30 day money back guarantee) can really simplify it all for you and are two of my most  ”go-to” fitness must haves.  Just don’t overlook diet in this next go round.  Make it a priority, you will be glad that you did!

4. Win The Battles, Win The War

Looking 90 days ahead can definitely be a bit overwhelming especially when you are already really sore and already really tired on just Day 2!  Instead, win the mini battles each and every day.  Win the battle with Day 43′s late night sweet tooth cravng, win the battle with Day 16′s Plyometrics, win the battle with Day 3′s”‘I’m too sore to workout” excuse.  See where I’m going here?  Don’t look at this as “game over” at the end of your 90 days, look at it is as learning a lifestyle change.  It will get easier.  The goal is a lifetime of good health and fitness.  Win the daily battles and you will win the war.

5. Be Resolved

Truth is, you need to be committed.  There is no other way around it.  It will be hard, you will be tired, and everything out there will look like a great excuse to quit again.  Don’t!  Just remember your goals and why you restarted in the first place.  Don’t you want to see it through?  30, 60, 90 days will be over before you know it…what will you have to show for it?  Don’t be kicking yourself this time because you, once again, ended up, well….yeah, you know.  Alright, let’s do this!


  Jared Smith

Fitness Support Blogger and P90X/Beachbody Coach

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  1. Great post that I will have to share in my challenge group :) Very good points made, it’s always important to figure out why we’re doing something and to be honest with ourselves.

  2. Man these are some good tips Jared. Wish more people were aware of these!

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