Shakeology Customer Reviews: What Are People Saying?

Often times here at D2F.COM,  I share my thoughts on Shakeology and the impact and difference that it has made when it 29146575comes to my health over the last year and half or so…but here are some other thoughts and reviews that I found online of other people that have found that Shakeology.  I don’t know about you, but I love to read reviews!  In fact, I hardly buy anything unless I have read reviews on it.  I enjoy real life just regular people’s testimonials about how a product worked or didn’t work.  Here’s some that I found….
from Vermilion, OH
I have so many reasons why Shakeology has made my life so much better. Not only did I start spending less on vitamins and minerals which by the way I got the best organic at wholesale. I have narcolepsy which was diagnosed way to late in life. I was taking 9 pills a day to stay awake. Now I only need 2 a day due to Shakeology! My hair and skin started looking better and I have more energy. The body recognizes all the ingredients and uses them. This product is gluten free, considered raw food, low gylcemic and so much more. I love the chocolate with a banana in it! I will never be able to say enough about Shakeology! Also being a meal replacement if you need it to be is a bonus! My husband lost 10 lbs in one month and didn’t even exercise due to replacing a meal.
Thank You Beach Body for Shakeology!
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
from Baton Rouge, La
My Background: I’ve been pre-diabetic for the last ten years and my cholesterol was dangerously high. No matter what I did diet and exercise wise…the number on the scale only went up. A year ago, I was taking more medication than my 97 year-old grandmother! After just a month of Shakeology, my cholesterol has dropped significantly and my glucose number looks good too. I’m still pre-diabetic but I’m getting close to moving out of that range too! When I told the doctor I haven’t been on any medication for a year…she was STUNNED! I wasn’t… I could tell my blood sugar had started to regulate..now the numbers prove it! I feel so much better in the morning and in just 30 days! Not to mention, I’m finally starting to lose weight! Make the investment in yourself and order shakeology.
Fitness Programs: Chalene Extreme, Turbo Fire, Rockin’ body, Hip Hop Abs
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
from Texas
I was very hesitant on trying this product. I’ve never taken protein shakes or meal replacements so I did not know what effect it would have on me. I had to tweak what I would add a couple times so it would taste better. I settled on Tropical Strawberry and I add strawberries and bananas with orange juice and water and lots and lots of ice =D It is just delicious! I’ve always been very irregular on my bowels(not trying to gross anyone out) but this product has totally eliminated that problem. I love Shakeology and recommend it to anyone that wants to have lots of energy and wants to feed the body something good. I know the price is a little high but trust me, it is worth it.
Fitness Programs: Turbofire
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
from Alva, Florida
It does all that it claims. I am picky about supplements, and usually don’t like meal replacement mixes because of taste, but this delivers on all levels. The price is fine, when you consider the cost of any meal.
Fitness Programs: Body gospel, slim in 6
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
from Daytona Beach, FL
I love shakeology! I love the chocolate. I guess I am just a chocolate person! =) I have felt so much better since I have started shakeology. I was very hesitant at first because it is a little high in price, but since it replaces one of my meals everyday (usually breakfast) I have actually saved money by not having to buy an entire meal. I look forward to my shakeology every morning, I crave it! I can tell a big difference in my energy and in my digestive system. It has made me feel like a whole different person!
Fitness Programs: Insanity
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
from Kansas
I have been using the shakes for about 8 or 9 months I have lost 32lbs As of TODAY! I love this stuff!! You have to give it a chance and get used to the taste of it as well. You just have to try it a few times a few different ways to find the one that works best for you! Its amazing!
Fitness Programs: I just ordered Insanity!!!
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective, you can find a taste you like!
from Ohio
I was a skeptic in terms of even liking the shakes. I’ve tried several others from different health food stores and various smoothies and haven’t been able to drink more than half of one let alone drink several in a week. Thick icky tasting drinks – blah! But Shakeology shakes – wow! We’ve been using the chocolate this month and I like it plain, with a banana, peanut butter, and with blueberries! I am nervous about the next flavor that will be coming, but its gotta be good. It fills me up too! I’m not hungry for 2-3 hours after drinking one. Two thumbs up!
Fitness Programs: Insanity
Pros: High quality, Great taste
from Royse City, TX
I have had a great response to 6 months of Shakeology. I have Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. Since I have been on the shakes, my meds have been reduced for blood pressure as well as the diabetes. Most notable is my cravings have been nearly eliminated. My doctor is encouraging, he says, “You did not gain the weight overnight so it is reasonable that it will take a while to loose the weight.” In the last 6 months I have lost 29 pounds. In the next 6 months, I plan to loose the rest of the 50 pounds and reach my goal as well as maybe get off all my meds. I look at Shakeology as if it is my delicious “medicine” which is much easier to take and not nearly as expensive as the 7 medications I was on. I was paying just the insurance deductable for my meds and it was costing over $250 per month. What wonderful motivation to eat properly, enjoy delicious shakes and get fit! My husband and I are now retired and we are enjoying getting fit together. We keep each other on track.
Fitness Programs: Kathy Smith’s Type 2 and You!
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
Cons: how to make people understand the benefits!
from Texas
I have been drinking Green Berry for over a month and have lost 13 pounds. I feel energized and am able to eat foods, that in the past, upset my digestive tract. My hair and skin looks healthier.
Fitness Programs: P90X
Pros: High quality, Great taste, Very effective
Cons: expensive
So as you can see, the reviews speak for themselves…and although I just picked a couple out for the blog post, you can go here to read even more reviews and decide for yourself if it’s worth a shot toward a more healthier life.  It was for me!






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  1. Awesome bunch of reviews from people who actually use Shakeology. It’s nice to see people from different backgrounds using it as well!

  2. Great idea for a post, love it and I LOVE my shakeology!

  3. Shakeology has been the foundation of my diet for over a year now. I have lost 40 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life. It is great to see other people experiencing the same results.

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