Shakeology: The Perfect Shake For Your P90X Nutrition

When it comes to P90X nutrition plan, Shakeology is the perfect addition and here’s why.  I talk to people all the time that areshake4 doing P90X and trying to do the P90X Diet that goes along with it, but their nutrition is terrible because they are having trouble sticking to, being consistent with the guidelines, and even implementing what’s found in the P90X Nutritional Guide.

It’s tough!  I’ve been there, I know.  The reason this really is a serious issue is,  if you’re diet is off then, make no mistake about it,  you are/will be sabotaging your overall results with the program….so it’s a big problem.

I mean, who really wants to work that hard and have their results suffer?  Not me!

Just an example….A friend of mine did a round of P90X recently and he was so frustrated because he wasn’t getting the results he was wanting when it came to the aspect of weight loss.  The problem was that he didn’t make the diet a priority.  Poor eating habits, too many cheat meals, etc had really stacked the deck against him and he just wasn’t losing weight like he had expected just by working out everyday.  I felt bad for him because I’ve been there.  The reality was, he was new to working out, he was new to dieting,  he was a very busy guy and just couldn’t get his diet dialed in the way it should’ve been, maybe you can relate?  The effort was there, he just needed the nutritional part simplified.

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This is why I believe that Shakeology can be a game changer for anyone when it comes to doing P90X.  But wait a second, the P90X Nutritional Guide says nothing about Shakeology, what gives?  Here’s why…Shakeology was not formulated until several years after P90x had come out, that’s why it’s not in there.  However, it’s here now and can be the perfect tool for your p90X transformation, here’s how to use it…

1.  Use Shakeology As A Meal Replacement With P90X

If you look at the P90X Nutritional Guide, you will find that most meals fall in the 400-500 calorie range.  Shakeology, even though it contains a days worth of vitamins and nutrients, isn’t enough by itself at only 140-150 calories to equal a “meal” when it comes to caloric intake.

What you can do and what I do is add some rice/almond/regular milk, maybe a banana, and maybe even some peanut butter or PB2 to my chocolate Shakeology.  Adding fruits and good fats (peanut/almond butters) will bring your calories up and in range for your meal and it will also aid in slowing digestion in the same manner that an actual meal would do.  This will give you a killer tasting shake that satisfies not only your hunger cravings but meets and most liks your P90x nutritional meal requirement.  without you being tempted to make a poor decision when you have got to get that meal in, whether you are on the run or not.

2. Use Shakeology As A Snack With P90X

One of the cooler things that Shakeology has done for me is that it has made my “sweet tooth” become non existent.  However, when doing P90X or any other program, sometimes you need a snack or pick me up.  The thing is, excess snacking can wreak havoc on your diet.  Shakeology is the perfect snack to be used in P90x as a pick me up or an between meal or even a late night snack.  Once again, depending on how it’s prepared, the calories can be as low as 14o  with almost nothing when it comes to fat so it really makes the perfect guilt free super healthy snack.

3. Use Shakeology For Your Protein Supplement in P90X

Shakeology has ample amounts of Whey Protein to be used as a protein supplement and contains all the essential amino acids as well. There are 18 gram of protein/serving in Shakeology and the whey is an isolate not a concentrate, so it’s purer, contains less fat and lactose. It absorbs quickly and is a good bio available source of protein to be used by active people.  Shakeology has definitely helped me supplement my daily protein needs with several of my programs .  There are higher amounts of protein/serving in other shakes out there, but when mixed with some milk and peanut butter (as I almost always do), you are looking at close to 35 grams/serving total protein, which is pretty solid.


4. Use Shakeology For Your Post Workout Shake With P90X

Although, Shakeology is not as accurately deigned for recovery as is the P90X Results and Recovery Drink, it’s still a pretty good option.  It doesn’t contain the high sugar levels as the P90X R and R to restore depleted glycogen stores, but due to the amount of nutrients and protein involved, it’s still a pretty good option…especially if you throw a banana in there with it.  I use Shakeology as a post workout drink (within an hour) often because I find it fills me up better especially after an intense strength workout day.

5. Use Shakeology For Emergencies With P90X

When I say “emergencies”, I’m talking about those times when you are stuck late at work, during long commutes home, layovers at the airport, etc.  Not emergencies cause by doing all the Dreya Rolls.  Any time when the “unexpected” happens and you need calories – that is a potential dietary emergency!  Don’t think it will happen to you?  Ninety days is a long time and things like this will pop up more often than not.  I stuff a couple single serving packets or a ziplog bag full of a couple servings in my back pack, car, locker, etc to have on hand at all times for when the unexpected happens.  This way, you have options (good healthy options too) instead of settling for the Starbucks at the airport or McDonalds across the street from your work. If you are a busy person with lots of responsibilities, do yourself a favor, and have Shakeology handy for times like these.

Since there really is no debating the health benefits of Shakeology and just how big of a simplifying tool this could be with your p90X, Insanity, or other program’s diet plan…what’s holding you back?  The money issue is usually the thing that most people get hung up on.   It was for me too when I first started out.  However, I took a chance…I was ready to commit to living a healthier life and I knew I could return it before 30 Days and get my money back even if I drank the whole bag (SEE: Bottom Of The Bag Guarantee Here).

What happened to me though, was this…The money problem ended up not being a problem at all, because I ended up actually saving money each month because I quit spending it on all that other garbage all month long, every month (Read about that here).  It’s really just a matter of priorities and if Shakeology could really help you, like thousands other than myself have claimed…isn’t it worth a shot?  It was for me and I’m glad I did!



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  1. Great post. Shakeology has been the foundation of my diet. I have lost almost 40 pounds since I started replacing my lunch with it. It keeps me full until my next meal and the new chocolate tastes amazing.

  2. I love this stuff too and try and drink it as often as possible! I always feel better when I have had it!

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