The Main Reason NOT To Do A Body Beast Hybrid Program

As with all Beachbody programs, eventually, along comes “The Hybrid.”  A program is released, people get great results, do a round or two and then hybrids start popping up everywhere.  The latest that I’ve been seeing around is the Body Beast Hybrid.

A hybrid workout is a combination of 2 or more programs to create one single program to follow for 30, 60, or 90 days.  The goal is to take certain parts of one program that is specific to an individuals goals and mix it with the specific workouts from another program, thus creating…the hybrid.

Hybrids can maximize results in shorter periods of time if designed correctly.  They can be done to focus more on a specific area (cardio, hypertrophy, etc) than each original program was designed for or they can simply be done to break up the monotony when preparing for your 12th round of P90x!  Whatever the reason, there are a ton of them out there.  I have even done one or two myself.

Some of the more popular and effective hybrids out there are the P90X/Insanity Hybrid, the Insanity/Insanity Asylum Hybrid, and lately, even the Asylum1/Asylum 2 Hybrid.  All of these hybrids are effective because they create a single program that accentuates the primary designed goals of each individual program.  They are fun, they add variety, and for the most part, tend to compliment each other’s most fundamental designed goals…that’s why they work!

For example, The P90X/Insanity Hybrid will still target weight loss, athletic performance, aerobic/anaerobic endurance, functional fitness, balance, toning, flexibility etc.  Although, adding Insanity to the mix may put more of a focus on the cardio aspect…it doesn’t detract too much or blatantly contrast with the original goals of P90X.

This is where a Body Beast Hybrid would differ.  Body Beast is a MASS BUILDING program.  That is it’s sole purpose.

While some of those other physiological components will likely improve during Beast as a by-product of daily exercise, it’s not the focus of the program. In P90X, as you know, you can gain muscle mass. But all that other training puts a limit on it. Beast’s more targeted schedule eliminates those “distractions” to hypertrophy, making it a better program for muscle building.  - Steve Edwards

If You’re Primary Goal Is Adding Muscle – Any potential Body Beast Hybrid will be much less effective for adding size than just doing the program by itself.  The best and most effective way to use Body Beast is as a stand alone program.  That is the main reason not to attempt a hybrid of this nature.

Combining Beast with a ton of extra cardio or the the cardio specific workouts of another program will just end up decreasing the overall effectiveness of both programs.

The possible exception: Unless Body Beast is combined with another hypertrophic (mass building) focused program, any other attempt at a hybrid will most likely be found as counterproductive and potentially frustrating for the participant.  Right now, no other program like Beast exists. (at least not as a home workout).  When Body Beast 2 is released, we’ll talk. ;)

Some Food For Thought: But what if Body Beast could be combined with the just the hypertrophic specific workouts of another program alone?  While it may be more effective than the alternative to a degree, the question must be asked, “why would you?”

Why substitute the mass gaining specific workouts of one program that’s designed and best suited to accomplish just that -”mass gain” with workouts where gains are possible/doable, but not the sole and primary focus?  Unless variety is needed to sort of mix things up for a while because someone wants a change, I see no reason.  If your goal is adding size, the shortest path from point A to B is a straight line and Body Beast is that straight line.  Everything else will just be a detour.

Before I started the Beast, I actually almost made the mistake of doing a Body Beast/Asylum Hybrid right off the bat and am SO GLAD that I didn’t.  I have 30 days left still and I am already up 15lbs because I have done the program exactly how it was designed, supplements/diet included.  Although, it may have been a real challenge and a lot of fun to do that hybrd, it would have led me to a lot of frustration by not meeting my main goal (adding size).

So if you are looking to add muscle mass and that is your #1 goal, do Beast and Beast alone until you hit that desired gain and then, and only then, go back to the program of your choice to target whatever benefits and goals you initially expected to get while debating on a Beast Hybrid in the first place.

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  1. I’m eating the body beast chili as I read this. This is good to know :) What do you think about body beast for women who want more musle definition? Am trying to see if my husbands wants to do this one next.

  2. Great post Jared everything you mentioned certainly is true. It’s all about defining your goals and doing whats best for you right!?

  3. Good stuff man. I will be moving on to new workouts soon and this is good advice.

  4. I love hybrids. I did the Beast Lean program and I think I will do it again, but with Insanity. I think that would be a great combo. Excellent post.

  5. Great article. Body Beast is one of the programs that I am looking at for later this year after I finish P90X2 and then do another round of Insanity. I never thought about not doing a hybrid with it for those reasons. Good point and I will have to remember that because I LOVE doing hybrids after doing the regular workouts! :-)

  6. I just finished Body Beast not too long ago. I loved the program, but I honestly gained a little more “bulk” than I had expected. (3,200 Calories a day creeps up on ya quickly)
    I agree with you that Body Beast is better served without making it a hybrid……but in the interest of maintaining a six pack…..I might have to do Lean Beast next time. Haha

  7. We’re going to do body beast after our disney trip. Won’t do a hybrid :) Great info!

  8. I agree with you about just sticking with Body Beast. It’s been on my mind for a while to get into when I feel ready to take it on. How much muscle did you add on in the full 90 days? What was your starting weight? you said 15 lbs in 30 days, and the graphic says 10 lbs in 90 days, big difference! I’d expect the graphic to say much more, considering the pictures of the guys are freaking hulks.

  9. I really like bodybeast 1 do you know if there will be a part 2

  10. Great points made! Thanks for keeping me focused!

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